Thursday, August 13, 2009

Where do the weeks go?

It's nearly 10 days since I was last here, what a week. I have been working on some scrap page designs and seem to get very little done in the end - but I work all day, I need to brush up on my concentration skills!!! I am working with a designer from 'up north' Tracy of Queen of Hearts. It is great to be working with someone who can advise, comment and push one to try new things! Thanks Tracy.

I am busy trying to decide what to order for my stand at the Hermanus Botanical Society Flower Show at Fernkloof Nature Reserve. It runs for 4 days from the 17th September, I would love to see you all there!

This is the first event that I am attending with my illustrations, stationary, linens and soft furnishings. I am seriously lacking in know how, what to bring? How much to bring? Questions, Questions Questions!!!

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  1. It is always hard to know how much to bring. I suggest you take as much as you can so people can see all that you make. It looks better when you have a lot to choose from. Best of luck! Cheers! Anabel