Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A culinary adventure

Cooked Cannelloni with my daughter this week. As usual Jamie Oliver inspired our kitchen adventure, or should I say Jamie at Home, with Taste Magazine – I mean who can help but be inspired to culinary greatness watching him conjure up family delights straight from the garden?

Is that really his garden, I thought he lived in London?

But, I digress, so it was into our summer veg garden to pick and choose from the fresh and simply mouthwatering array that has evolved this summer. A couple of baby marrows, some tomatoes, a green pepper – the onions are finally ready, so in they go as well – and herbs to delight. Thyme, oregano and basil. We are of course making and Italian inspired dish. Looking out over the garden it is clear that Italy inspired the choice of veg this year!

Oh and not forgetting the eggs, the Bantams are laying again…

I’ll let you in on a secret, if you are out of Cannelloni tubes, make pancakes, and roll and fill them as you would the pasta tubes, works very well. Anyway, Emma has made the pancakes, I have sorted out the filling, it is to be chicken (not from the garden) with the baby marrows, and caramelized onion. Together we work on making the perfect tomato sauce, a taste of summer with the herbs. All to soon the dish is assembled, into the oven, baked until cheesy bubbling alerts us to the fact that it is ready.

What an adventure, what a meal. The only thing that we think would improve this dish would be to have a set of Le Creuset Caste Iron pots to cook in next time. So please pick us, pleased, please, please.