Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Autumn Range

We are so excited about our new scrapbooking range- The Autumn Range. This has already been sent out to our clients and the orders are rolling in. Yay!

Jacci has been busy with a couple of different projects including the Autumn Range, designs for Robben Island, designs for Blossom, DOT and for Kamersvol Geskenke.....all very exciting and divinely moreish.

Oh and how could I forget..........taaadaaaaa today is Jacci's birthday!
Happy Happy Birthday Jacci, may we all be blessed with your presence for many many more years.

Heck, just seen the time and I need to run, got to drop my daughter off at playschool and then head to Jacci's studio. Jacci won't be there initially, she's off to the hairdresser for some birthday tlc or could it end up being disaster. Perhaps I should get her family to text me before she arrives back at the studio to find out whether her hairdresser experience has been a success or disaster.........I am such a bad lair...wish her and I luck