Thursday, July 23, 2009

Christmas in July!

In designer world it's Christmas - in July... designing cards, wrap, and goodies to go out for the christmas season. I thought I'd give you a sneak preview of what I have be up to. As you can see I'm still loving the Shwe Shwe!
Don't forget to go to the GIVEAWAY blog and enter, there is still 1 week left!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm on facebook... and twitter... and...

My friends will attest to the fact that I have always thought of this net presence thingy as complete geekery!

Ok so apologies to all geeks that I know, may I join the 'Geekgroup" now please? I am now on Twitter, Etsy, Facebook... (and blogger of course)

So, It's giveaway time. WIN ... 1x A5 50 page unlined jotter, 1x DL shaped 50 page unlined jotter and a set of 4 blamk cards with envelopes. All from my new Shwe Shwe inspired range of stationary.

In order to further expand this newbie geek's net presence I am proposing a giveaway. This will be a two fold operation. First opportunity is as follows, leave a comment right here and you will be in draw 1.

Opportunity 2 send an email to 5 friends, asking them to spread the word, and visit the blog, remember to CC me on combretum2 (at) and I will enter you in draw 2. Just remember that each email needs to CC me as it goes out. I am hoping to have - say - 100 visits (and some new friends...) from this. Closing date 31 July, winner announced 3 August right here.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Winter, Rain and Painting

Cape Town has had it's fair share of summery winter days lately, well, that is well and truly past! It's winter, soaking rain - 60mls overnight - cold and grey. We've had friends for lunch, a fire, champagne and home made Roti's. Life couldn't be better. I thougfht I'd share a painting, I think I did it 2 years ago and it still pleases me each time I go to the kitchen. I love the colours and the fluidity of the leaves, you might have noticed I like to draw proteas.
Next week I'll be having a give away, so please come back and take part. Details to follow!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kommetjie, Shwe Shwe loving and summery winters.

My favourite place in all the world, Kommetjie, Cape Town, never better than on a summery winters day! I love the round boulders, stacked by some nameless person into walking giants. The snaking path, wood over vegetation!

My new stationary has been uploaded on Etsy. It is so inspired by Africa, some of it Makoti Wax prints, Chaka prints all of it inspired by my love of the original Shwe Shwe prints. I chose one of my protea illustrations to go with it and hope you love them as much as I do!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Project 90 x 2030

Did some illustration work this week for Project 90x2030 whose vision is to see South Africans from all walks of life reduce the impact that they have on the environment by 90% by year 2030. Take a look at the website through the link above.

I totally support this inniative and was glad to be able to illustrate these little cliparts for them!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I haven't been this excited since...

I picked up a prize for designing the Pick 'n Pay Design a Bag Competition! .... since I had my kids! ....

Ok well that was a bit of an exaggeration,

but, anyhow I collected my Shwe Shwe inspired stationary from the printer today, and I am besides myself with delight. I wrote about them earlier here. It will be listed on Etsy by this weekend, and I want to do a giveaway on my blog as well, I thought a gift pack containing cards and a jotter.

So keep in touch and enter, I assure you you wont be disappointed. Details to follow.