Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Make it Monday... exept it was Tuesday!!!

I had such fun yesterday, sewing these mini bags, I have had them in mind for a while and have been saving fabric for ever. My husband will be glad to see it put to use when he comes back from Johannesburg on Saturday!
I particually like ShweShwe and other african prints. The pink one, has fabric from a dress my mother sewed in the 50's when she was dating my dad. They will be appearing on my Etsy shop later today.
Elk's prize is on it's way! I will be doing another giveaway soon - so keep an eye out... and please comment so I know you are out there, it was soooooo nice to have new people come to the blog with this giveaway! Great to feel that one is not talking to oneself!


  1. the bags are lovely..fabric is such an inspiration to me as well...thanks again for the package...i enjoy your space here.

  2. Such sweet little bags - how big (or small) are they?
    (PS I so liked your memory of your gran - I remember my gran always wearing (self-made) two-piece suits - skirt and jacket - she used to call them 'costumes' and we always giggled about that ... Oh, where are the days when ladies wore hats for going out? And gloves! I should have been born in a different era, I think ...)

  3. Hi there, Glad you like them. The pink and blue ones are 25cm x 25cm, but with a false gusset so they look tall. The two red Shwe Shwe ones were prototypes and they are 20cm x 25cm, but, they seemed to be a bit short. It is a long time since I sewed and I so enjoyed making them!