Monday, February 1, 2010

Valentines Day The Recession Loving Way!

Aaah today is the first day of February so only 13 more days and its Valentines Day.......
I'm not sure about you but since having our daughter, spending money on Valentines Cards and cute fluffy bears for my husband has certainly become a thing of the past. Money has to rather be spent on nappies or something else that growing babies/children seem to continuously need. Now with the recession still very much part of our lives, most folk I know are most definitely NOT going to be spending money on cards and incredibly expensive red roses...

Oh my goodness before this blog sounds all full of doom and recession gloom, let me throw in something cheerful.....

Jacci and I have decided to share the LOVE with you. Jacci has designed the most gorgeous Valentines stationery and in the spirit of Valentines Day, she is going to be giving away a set of digitally printed Valentines Day Cards to EVERYONE, yes everyone who leaves us a comment. In this comment we would like you to tell us how you are planning on spoiling your Valentine without spending a fortune. It is a simple as that. We look forward to reading your comments and I'm sure you are going to love your cards. You will be able print them and personalise them.

Hmm, I wonder if I leave a comment myself, if 'the boss' will let me have a set too!

We are going to see if we can master the camera tomorrow. Need to do a product photo shoot so that you will be able to see what the designs look like printed onto the stationery.

Charm x


  1. Great designs, fun blog - all the best to the team (all 2 of you;)) ... Vix & Luke from Toronto x

  2. Um, guys, remember to list your email so I can mail you the freebie !!!