Monday, February 15, 2010

Busy Week

Wow, what a week ........
Firstly the Boss went on an 'overseas' trip.....Some of us get all the perks!! To be fair, she is the designer and obviously when doing designs for Robben Island, she would need to see it. So she joined the masses of tourists and braved the choppy waters of the great Atlantic Ocean. I must say, I'm seriously wowed by the designs she has produced...Well done Boss Lady.

We also met with a lovely lady, called Lize from The Love Project. You have to do yourself a favour if you live in Cape Town and that is to go to her shop in Kloof Street. She not only has shop fulled with design gems but at incredibly affordable prices-have a look at her website to read about the wonderful reason behind her opening this special shop.

Jacci is also super excited about having met with Wanda from DOT in Stellenbosch. Wanda is also part of the Kamersvol Geskenke team. Check out this site and then head off in October with a full credit card in order to stock up for Christmas. Oh forget needing an occasion or event to spend.....go on and spoil yourself!

Jacci's designs will now also be available at the following distributors:
DOT, Blackhorse Centre, Stellenbosch.

Charm x

ps Hope you where surrounded by love yesterday

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