Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Shwe shwe me baby!

When my husband travels with his work to Mozambique and Tanzania he is always instructed to bring home fabric for me. I love it... the girls, not so much - he won't bring then bags of fabric again in a hurry again, but that is another story for another time!!

I have kept these in a basket waiting for inspiration! Last night I had it. These will be stationary before long! I just love the crisp clear designs of these wax worked fabrics and they have such evocative names. Nida Nzitom Kitinge 100% Pamba Tanzanian Giga Wax No1015 is one, yesterday I bought some manufactured under the Chaka name, like shwe shwe, but I know not, because real Shwe Shwe Fabric has the 3 leopard logo printed like a watermark on the back. The original company from Great Brittain, had a 3 cat logo and it is much a part of our history with reports of its being here form 1672.


  1. I love the shwe-shwe jotters - great idea. (PS thanks for the catalogue you sent - will be in touch soon with a tiny order of four!)

  2. Will your husband buy some for me too :D I love the one with the protea print, and I look forward to seeing your stationary. Let me know when it's available.