Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Kid On The (Design)Block

Hello faithful blog followers...........

Let me introduce myself......., I joined the JacciR Design team a month ago to add some admin to Jacci's life, well actually to take the administration out of her already busy life. For those who thought she had gotten 'ssshlllluuuuupd' into the design Bermuda triangle and was neglecting her blog, you where right! She was designing for Christmas and now for Valentines Day and for Autumn. We have some exciting things up our sleeves so stayed logged in for that.

Gosh, realised I still haven't introduced myself. My name is Charmain but just about everyone I know, calls me Charm (pronounced Sharm) I'm 35, married to a gorgeous Interior/exhibition Designer. After going to hell and back and many lost babies, we finally had a little girl, Madison who turned three this month. We lived in the UK for 7.5 years but returned to Cape Town 6months ago....We are loving being back. Who wouldn't with a view of Table Mountain from our home, sunshine, the seaside 15minutes away and friendly South African people. Most of my time is spent around Madison, taking her/fetching her from playschool four mornings a week and then the rest of the time is spent either at Jacci's studio or catching up with her via google chat.

I will be updating the blog once a week- Monday at the moment is the chosen day for this. We will be starting a Sweetie Jar. This will be our folder where all things inspirational and just gorgeously design divine will be placed for you to have a nosey around. If you have anything that you would like to share with us that you think may inspire Jacci to go into another design frenzy, then please feel free to share with us...(to be honest, it takes very little to give her an excuse to design)

I can't believe how long it has taken me to to type this. Its the first time I am blogging and the TV is on far too loud, my husband is talking to me about his design work and the laptop battery light is flashing red. Its Sunday night and I'm sure getting very close to my bed time. Will save this now and publish it and then probably write another one tomorrow to apologise for a very boring first time blog.

So thats all for now from the newest member of the JacciR Design Team (ps, there are actually only two of us in the team)
Charm x

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